Process Engineering has great experience with chemistry, biotech, food and health & nutrition. We are your consulting engineering partner within the Pharma industry.

Since our beginning in 1999, we have focused on the engineering processes in the processing industry. This has given us great experience with fundamental production processes and sanitary design within chemistry, food and biotech.

This knowhow we have used the past years to complete projects for clients in the pharmaceutical industry. Therefore, we offer knowledge of unit operations and the newest Pharma design to companies in the pharmaceutical industry.

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We offer

Process Engineering provides cost-conscious solutions, which are based on the client’s actual need. We use an agile project setup, which reflects the knowledge, supports fast track projects and a transparent, in time communication about the status of the project.

To avoid the same things being tested twice, we basically integrate Good Engineering Practice quality tests in the project as raw data in IQ/OQ qualification. We streamline our own internal project processes based on ongoing project evaluation with the client.

Today, our internal competencies cover API production, Pharmaceutical production and Finished goods production, and also GMP supply systems for all of these.


We have strong competencies within API production. Especially, we work with synthesis and fermentation with associated CIP systems and GMP supply systems.

Our specific knowledge of processes covers fermentation, synthesis, membrane filtration, chromatography, centrifugal, evaporation and condensation.

Farmaceutisk produktion

Pharmaceutical production

Within Pharmaceutical production our competencies cover facilities for solid bulk production and sterile aseptic liquid product with associated CIP systems and GMP supply systems.

Our specific knowledge of processes covers granulation, spray drying, fluidbed and drying cabinets, tabletting, encapsulation, filmcoating, dry sterilisation, autoclave, ampoule filling and drop let filling.

Finished goods production

Our competencies within Finished goods production generally cover facilities for commercial and clinical packaging with associated package processes and GMP supply systems.

Our specific knowledge of processes covers blisters, container packing, ampoule packing, drop packing and wallettering.

Færdigvare produktion

Our projects within Pharma


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