We advise and assist you in technical assignments and projects in the industry.

We are an unbiased consultancy, which do not deliver equipment and plants, but in stead we analyse and advise you in the best solutions for you. We have a wide range of experience in the industry and focus on quality, flexibility and economy. Our consulting engineers and technicians are available during the entire project whether you need to complete smaller projects, make a new construction or rebuild technical facilities. The keyword for our approach to projects in the industry is flexibility. We adapt to our clients and have a great focus on offering the right competencies for the project.

We do the work and prepare tender material, so you buy without expensive intermediaries according to the principle “by direct“. We have the neccessary knowledge and the market knowledge of the processes within the industry, which ensures that the projects are solved in the best and most inexpensive way.

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We offer

The projects range from smaller day-to-day projects to larger projects, which are solved over a longer period of time. Often, we work with pilot projects to map concepts, economy and planning in the projects. The pilot project forms the decision basis for the client’s assessment of whether the project should be initiated.

Among others, we offer engineering projects, project management, supervision and safety coordination on sites, CE marking and consultancy regarding ATEX. We work with a staged project model in which we efficiently involve the client’s employees and knowhow. At the same time, we ensure that all elements in the project are handled safely.

In our work, we do pipe design in Plant 3D, AutoPlant and PDMS, stress-strain analysis in Triflex, Rohr2 and Caesar II software, construction in AutoCAD Inventor and make FEM/FEA analysis of structures. Regarding advanced calculations, static and dynamic, we use the calculation program Nastran.


Chemical industry

Chemical plants are one of the main areas at Process Engineering. Among others, our department of technical chemistry offers process simulation, which makes it possible to map all the processes in your production. You can read more about process simulation on this page.

Waste water

We offer our services in the area of waste water to among others manufacturing companies and public sewage treatment plants. Often a pilot project helps to form the framework of the project, and often the projects concern changes in existing plants.



At Process Engineering, we have experience with gas facilities in which we primarily assist machine manufacturers and gas producers. We offer preparation of PFD (Process Flow Diagram), PI Diagram, design and calculation assignments, preparation of tender, agreement and supervision with the installation.


We manage design, engineering, documentation, CE marking, ATEX and inspection of shipyard. We offer project management, design of pipe installations, stress-strain analysis, pressure loss calculation, construction of steel and structures and also document management.


General industry

We assist manufacturing companies, workshops and machine manufacturers with our competencies and capacity. We solve industrial projects for manufacturers of constructional materials, who get ad hoc tasks or larger projects solved within their productional facilities. Often our clients have key persons, who know the production and need extra help to solve the project.

We physically participate at your facilites as a part of the company during the period in which we solve the project.

Our projects within Industry

Pressure loss calculation of pipe system
Pressure loss calculations for DN 100, DN 125 and DN 150 from drawing of pipe system and data of media, flow, pressure, density and viscosity, and also preparation of calculation report
Land-based fish farm plant
Implementation and support of AutoCAD Plant 3D and pipe design done in Plant 3D
Plant for CO2
Preparation of PI Diagram and component list structure, stress-strain calculations based on thermal stresses, pressure influence, earthquakes and wind loads, and also 3D design of units and pipe bridges
Calculation of foundation for large scrubbers for installation on ships for flue gas cleaning
Review of DNV rules, layout of static model, calculation of load, preparation of 3D calculation model of dynamic impacts, and report
Measurement and calculation of existing steel construction on silo
Measurement of steel construction, calculation of strength and wind load according to Eurocode, and also preparation of calculation report

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